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Not sure on how Leadership Coaching can help you? 


Read what High Performers are saying.

- Dr Elicia Robinson

Atkins | Aerospace, Defence, Security and Telecom/Business Change Consultant

Phd, Cambridge University, MSc, London School of Economics

“I have known Zubin for 2years and has always provided solid advice and guidance as it relates to some of my life decisions. As it relates to my business, he has provided critical and strategic advice for me to develop my product as well as to expand my services. He is genuinely interested in your success and development"

- Mark Reynolds,Legal and Regulatory ICT Consultant/University Lecturer

LLM Queen Mary University, Chevening Scholar

"Zubin is an incredibly passionate coach with a gift for recognizing the potential in others and helping them realize it. My experience with him has been enlightening, and after a single session I felt a difference in the way I think and act. The best part about him is his motivation: he genuinely cares about his clients. I believe in his talent and the benefit that he provides others, and I enthusiastically recommend his services."

- Madeline Grade

Stanford University School of Medicine(M.D.)

MSc, Neuroscience, UCL, MSc Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medecine, Marshall Scholar

"Zubin is a very dedicated, hard-working, thoughtful and thorough individual whom I had the chance to work with during our one-on-one coaching sessions. During these sessions I always found him to be extremely approachable, well prepared, articulate and easy to converse with. He was also always willing to go above and beyond and provide me with every ounce of knowledge he had could be of assistance to me. I feel that my professional and personal life has greatly benefited as a result of our work together. I would not hesitate to work with him again, and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to avail of his services."

- Nikhil Narasimhadevara/ AML Solutions Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CPA, CMA, MBA, Schulich School of Business

- Lamiya Jabbar

Barrister at Law; Officer, Programme and Partnership Development at ActionAid Bangladesh

Bar Holder/BPTC

 City University

“I have been coached by Zubin a few times over the past two months. I was initially unaware of the results coaching can achieve and the depths to which coaching can impact a person; until I met Zubin. Zubin is charismatic, strategic, driven, with extremely great interpersonal skills and these qualities, amongst many others, makes him a very effective Coach. He took me on a journey through his coaching, whereby all my issues were resurrected and addressed. Each time I would have little idea of what I was about to experience. And each time I would come out having an experience that I still look back on and try to comprehend. A few short minutes with him had brought substantial changes to my inner self. It is a difficult thing to explain. Nevertheless, I can say that I have under gone major changes in regard to my confidence, communication, individuality and my relationships. If one is ready to attack their demons and undergo transitions that can impact how you live the rest of your life, I would recommend that they opt for coaching and for this I recommend Zubin. My best wishes lie with wherever he goes because success will follow him anywhere and everywhere."

- Ashutosh Tripathi/ Financial Services Professional 

MBA, Schulich School of Business, IIT Bombay

“Working with him is not only truly productive but also a pleasure that will be stored in your mind for a long time! Zubin is a selfless and very modest person who is genuinely interested in your person. He is one of the most authentic persons I have met in my life. Without hesitation, I can recommend Zubin."

"Zubin is a person having great intent of helping others. He is an alumni of Schulich School of Business where I'm currently pursuing MBA. He helped me to clear my thought process on various aspects of MBA admission right from GMAT to choosing the school to MBA specialization to job market in North America etc. 
His approach to problem solving is quite different which is what I like about him the most. I recommend his services to anybody looking for insightful advice on career and life in general. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors."

- Nik Ruangroj

 Henkel /Brand Management

MSc European Business School

"Zubin has great understanding of the strong fundamentals that need to be induced inside an individual to thrive with the possibilities around them. He taught me how to Identify my choices and has eased my personal journey by equipping me with the right tools to fulfil my needs as an individual and also stay aligned to my goals. 
Zubin has a strong intuitive capacity ( which is an inherent gift) to identify the most supreme possibility that the individual possesses and brings that potential forth in personal coaching. I cannot thank you enough Zubin. I wish you the very best in your future endeavours. 

-Ramona Mordecai/ HT Media Ltd/Brand Solutions Manager


NHTV Internationale Hogeschool Breda 

- Kendyl Crawley Crawford/ Sierra Club Conservation/Program Coordinator

MSc Environment, Science, Society, UCL, Marshall Scholar

"One of my biggest struggles has been against me, against my own fears, doubts and negativity. Working with Zubin allowed me to not only see this, but also to address it enabling me to move forward in my life. Combing through my past experiences, determining unproductive themes and then creating an action plan to address those issues, he was able to help me discover who I can be. Zubin’s thoughtful, caring and sensitive personality allowed me to feel comfortable about opening up and delving into my past experiences. He was a careful active listener who brought me wonderful insight and helpful suggestions as to how to overcome my anxieties. Since my session with Zubin, I have been engaging in deep self reflection which is enabling me to now progress towards the person I want to be and the fulfillment of my goals. Through this experience, I’ve learned that there is great power to be found in honest introspection. I am overjoyed that Zubin was my guide during this process and without him I would not be where I am today."

"Zubin is powerhouse of knowledge , and gives excellent advise with laser like precision , when it comes to business leadership and networking. He is vastly experienced in the field of training and coaching and his network includes an excellent Roster of some top Business leaders in the country. Kudos to him for such great networking skills ! I'm sure Zubin will succeed in all his endeavours cheers!"

- Varun Shanbhog/ Freight Carriers /Customs Broker 

MBA, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

"My interaction with Zubin has been to seek advice on how to maximize the MBA experience. I was looking for advice on exchange programs and Zubin's experience in Thailand. His description of why he pursued an exchange, specifically his reasoning for picking the university for the courses it had to offer really resonated with me. He is a very perceptive individual and an active listener. He was able to evince my reasons for pursuing and provide constructive & critical feedback on the same. I know he will bring the same skill-set to the table with any client he coaches. A real coach in every sense of the word.

- Shouri Bagchi

Scotiabank /Manager Process Improvement

MBA, Schulich School of Business, MBA, University of Western Ontario, B.Eng 

"Zubin, provides clear objective advice when taking one's career to the next level. 
His depth and breath of experience along with his vast networks allows for objective guidance. 
Zubin continues to be a source of information and leadership coaching for me."

-Chris Eich

Clean Tech & Business Development Professional and CPA Candidate

Economics & Environment

McGill University

- Will Robinson, CPCC, ACC

Oxford Brookes University

"I have experienced Zubin as both a client and as a classmate. In both capacities I have profited greatly from what he brought to each relationship. 
I was first struck by his thoughtful and open demeanour, married with his powerful intellect and deep knowledge. He rapidly builds a genuine rapport and deep trust from which I experienced highly productive interactions as both a client and a classmate. He was an exceptional leader in the classroom - leaning fully into the work and driving forward the collective learning with his insightful curiosity and courage. As his client he brought both gentle humour and diligent focus to expose, challenge and despatch limiting beliefs that had been retarding the growth of my business. Zubin is an exceptional coach.

"Zubin is passionate, committed and full of heart. He also has brilliant organisational skills and is able to both galvanise and lead a team."

- Emma Serlin

 London Speech Workshop

MSc Psychology, University East London

MA,Philospy & English Lit

University of Edinburgh

It is said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius... Although Zubin works hard at what he does, it shows that he loves it wholeheartedly; it almost seems as if it comes as second nature to him. He genuinely wants the best for his clients and I was fortunate enough to have been coached by him. He is a meticulous listener, both with his ears and with his heart. His soothing demeanour is inviting for open, transparent coaching and conversation and after our first session, I felt a sense of refreshing relief and inspiration. He excels at understanding what I was trying to convey and with his personalized techniques, coached me on how to improve and move forward in my endeavours. He is passionate about what he does and is a true gem; anyone would appreciate the opportunity of working with Zubin and I highly recommend it at any level in one's life and career.

-Dina Kamal

"Zubin has my highest recommendation as an executive coach. He has a very unique ability to understand what will make you successful in business, but also to ensure that you understand what will make you happy. He has been resourceful and instrumental in my transition from the MBA, ensuring that I am targeted and strategic in my approach, and establishing clear and measurable goals for myself. Zubin's upbeat candor and willingness to listen ensured that I stayed focus on my passion, excellence, and lifestyle. He is open and honest in his approach, and has a genuine ability to understand each individual. My time working with Zubin has influenced my personal and professional development, and has led me to pursue my short- and long-term goals.l

-Natasha Penzo-McIntosh/ Urban Blueprint Developments/Founder

"Zubin is a great listener, communicator and has a high emotional intelligence to guide his clients to achieve their goals. His coaching techniques and strategies are simple and very effective. I look forward to continuing my coaching sessions with him and would strongly recommend Zubin! 

-Deborah Goel Salari / Aeroplan / Marketing Operations

Zubin was at our father’s bedside for the duration of his admission to hospital for plasma cell leukemia, a very aggressive cancer. His coaching and reiki treatments had significant positive effects on our father’s overall well-being. Emotionally, our father was stronger, better able to cope and felt ready to tackle what lay ahead. 

Our father’s initial medical regimen included a chemotherapy-like medication. Unfortunately, after having received only two injections (of the Hematologist’s forecasted 36 injections), he suffered a serious side effect and had to discontinue the treatment. Zubin persisted in his coaching and reiki efforts. Our father’s white blood cell and platelet counts continued to normalize and his cancer cells dropped significantly (from 20 % to 3-4%). These blood test results suggest that his cancer was less active and that Zubin’s techniques had a positive impact on his physical health. 

Strong emotional and physical health is a powerful combination. Zubin has shown that he is able to facilitate both in those he works with

- Natasha Mirchandani,Family Physician at University Health Network

"Zubin shows great intuition as a coach and is committed and enthusiastic in supporting his client to a successful outcome.

- Geoffrey Watson MSc CPCC ACC

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