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Are you not handling conflict with your peers and co-workers efficiently? 

Are you not making enough money to fit your wanted lifestyle?

Are you having a hard time elevating your Leadership & Business to the next level?

Are you having a tough time executing your Vision or Implementing Change?

Are you not innovating as you would have hoped?

Is your Executive Presence not what it should be? 



Zubin J. Mirchandani helps high performing corporate Leaders as well as high performing Business Leaders gain the clarity, confidence, and necessary tools to thrive at the workplace and win at life. 


Leadership, Business, and Career Solutions tailored to You!



Leadership Development 

  • Develop your Executive Presence

  • Position yourself to Succeed

  • Develop Sound Decision-making skills

  • Learn Leadership & Business Best Practices of Elite Performers

  • Succession Planning Support 

  • Increase Gravitas and Eminence



Conflict Management

  • Learn how your Leadership style affects others 

  • Resolve conflict among department and team members

  • Develop Structure and Culture that Minimizes Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Solutions

  • Negotiation



  • Model Your Highest Productive States & Win by Replicating that State at Will

  • Think Like a Winner

  • Adopt Time Management Strategies that Enable You To Spend More Time Doing the Things You Love

  • Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Solutions to Increase Awareness and Remove Negative Beliefs

Cross Cultural


  • Understanding Business Interaction & Learn How to Optimise it

  • Implement Cultural Dimensions Analysis 

  • Emotional Intelligence - Better Ability to Communicate & Understand reasons for Specific Behaviour

  • Learn what Leadership looks like in Different Cultures & What aspects Span Globally

  • Implement L&D Solutions



  • Execution and Proliferation of Strategy 

  • Increase your Bottom Line- Greater Profits 

  • Gain Awareness of Blind Spots & find best possible Solutions

  • Become Comfortable with Change Implementing Performance & Learning Cultures



  • Learn Financial Tips from the Top 1% of International Investors

  • Financial Planning

  • Master Money and Investor Psychology

  • Eradicate Negative Beliefs on Money

  • Reprogram Your Money Blueprint for Abundance







It is up to Leaders to first look at themselves and continually identify and address their own Leadership gaps in order to sustain a thriving organisation in today's competitive environment. So whether you are a CEO or Startup Founder, we can help you move through these Leadership and Business Gaps and obtain the highest performance for yourself, your team, your organisation, and your stakeholders.
We work with the best in the world-
Zubin J Mirchandani
Making Great People Greater


Zubin J. Mirchandani is a Leadership Coach who advises CXOs and Business Leaders across the World. He has coached, trained and transformed thousands of the world's highest performing leaders and high-potentials, their teams, and their organizations through behavioural change and strategic process enhancements.

He works with CEO and C-suite Officers (Large Cap & Mid Cap listed), Directors, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Bollywood Actors, Chartered Accountants, Startup Founders, Thought and Innovation Leaders, etc.

He believes the catalyst for leadership success is rooted in self-awareness and purpose, and that leaders need to lead from within and not from on top. With Leaders being stretched, it is vital for Leaders to focus 1st on purpose and career visioning before they get to tactical enhancements- allocating the most time and energy on the competencies that hold the most weight according to their own purpose. Authenticity is key.

Zubin runs his own Coach training academy- teaching both experienced and inexperienced coaches to deepen their practice and impact. Zubin believes that many want to help others professionally but most do not know how to run the business of helping others professionally. This is a big part of his programme.

He is the author of soon to be released ‘Leaders and Emotions- The Perfect Formula’ -a leadership book on Emotional Intelligence.

Zubin has worked with Leaders from a wide variety of industries across 30+ countries. His perceptive, cross-cultural communication style builds trust and affinity with all stakeholders. He himself has lived in 6 countries spanning from East to West and believes diversity(and inclusion) in thought as well as in background is key to staying relevant today.

He regularly collaborates with World’s Best in Leadership. He is he winner of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Award at the World HRD Congress 2019 for his Leadership Advisory. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has consistently been ranked the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker, and World’s #1 Executive Coach.

He has trained with the foremost schools: John Mattone Intelligent Leadership, Conversational Intelligence (Neuroscience of Conversation and Trust), CTI (Coaching Training Institute, USA)  and as well the ICA (International Coach Academy, Australia), Center for Executive Coaching(USA), Arfeen Khan (Peak Performance Training, London), and Bodhih (Training, India). The holds an International MBA from Schulich School of Business (Economist, 10th Best MBA Worldwide). He is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School's Institute of Coaching, and the International Coach Federation.




     "I was lucky enough to have Zubin as my professional coach over the course of about 6 months during a very intense work assignment in Mumbai, India. Zubin was a fantastic coach. He really cares about both the personal and professional progress of his clients. On top of helping me with business negotiations, and team issues, he specifically worked with me on some conditioned response patterns that I was completely unaware of, that were affecting both my personal and business life. I'd like to give a five star shout out to Zubin. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take both their personal and professional life to another level."

     "Wow! That's the perfect word for Zubin's amazing work. His workshops, his wisdom, his knowing of his why! I was fortunate to hang out with Zubin when I was in Mumbai and will always appreciate his optimism and courage in bringing concepts of emotional intelligence into my life."

     "I had the pleasure of working with Zubin as my coach. He always brought tremendous energy and perspective to our conversations. The sessions were extremely valuable and helped me become a more effective leader. Would work with Zubin again at any time."

Mahesh Panchapagesan 

Executive Director MSCI Inc.

Alrick Pagnon

Partnership Manager at Creative Innovation Global & Creative Universe 

University of Strathclyde- Australia

     "It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Zubin. I have worked with Zubin for 2 years and every time I'm amazed by his wisdom, vision, kindness, and ability to help others. Zubin is an incredible change maker and will definitely impact and change your understanding of the world if you are lucky enough to cross his path. Zubin has tremendous leadership skills and helped me to make better-informed decisions on many occasions, among many other things. I'm extremely glad to have Zubin in my corner and even more so to be able to tap into his skills, knowledge, and expertise on a regular basis. "


     "After the session, I felt as if in a state of bliss as if I could handle anything the world could throw at me. Thank you coach Zubin!

After 4 months of continuos sessions, Aditya wrote - "4 months later, having put into practice many of what we discussed, I feel like a new person. I feel in control and I feel happy."

Aditya Shankar

Associate Goldman Sachs 

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, IIT

     "Excellent leader and a very good instructor. I felt very comfortable with the weekly coaching classes. His work is very professional. I improved many personal and professional aspects of my life, as well as developed great leadership qualities. I highly recommend his service!"

Camila de la Barrera

Cardiology, MD, MBA in Health, Montevideo University

     "I've been working with Zubin as an executive coach for quite some time now. Zubin's genuine approach coupled with his deep knowledge and easy to follow strategies continue to produce excellent results for me both professionally and personally. I find that Zubin has an innate ability to dissect complicated problems and break them down into manageable tasks that allow you to work through and overcome issues that under most circumstances would be considered insurmountable. "


Robert Kurlender

Managing Principal  at Perceptive Capital

HEC Paris (MBA), McGill University

Danielle Fiorino

Deputy Manager, Office of the Chairman and MD at Mahindra & Mahindra

University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

Patricia Chun

Chief Strategy Officer, Delivery Hero Korea

MBA. University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

     "Zubin has been a great help for me boosting my confidence level and ultimately in finding my next step in my career path. He encouraged me to take the initiative and approach the CEO himself for a position. Zubin was sure that, given my skillset, my company would still somewhere want to retain me, and he was right. A few months later, I am working in the highest office of my company supporting my CEO, and I never would have had the confidence or known how to approach him had he not advised me. I am incredibly grateful to Zubin for his coaching." 




     "(Zubin) was extremely helpful in helping me identify my issues and build perspectives to excel as a Chief Strategy Officer for an international IT startup. I also admire his patience and understanding as I was sometimes slow and behind schedule. He was very knowledgeable with various leadership issues and hand-held me perfectly throughout the course both as a mentor and a good friend. I would highly recommend him as a great coach to any confused C-level executives out there" 






Award-Winning Leadership Advisory

 2019 Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Achievement in Coaching Award from the World's #1 Leadership Thinker and the World's #1 Executive Coach

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Zubin J. Mirchandani is award winning Leadership Coach who advises CXOs and Business Leaders across the World.



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