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Are you struggling to build and maintain the most important relationships in your life? Are you experiencing too much conflict with others? 

Are you not making enough Money to fit your wanted lifestyle?

Are you having a hard time elevating Your Career or Business to the next level?

Are you having a tough time executing your Strategy or Implementing Change?






Zubin J. Mirchandani helps high performers gain the clarity, confidence, and necessary tools to Thrive at the workplace and Win at life. Leadership, Business, and Career Solutions tailored to You!



Leadership Development 

Develop your Executive Presence

Position yourself to Succeed

Develop Sound Decision-making skills

Learn Leadership & Business Best Practices of Elite Performers

Succession Planning Support 

Increase Gravitas and Eminence





Model Your Highest Productive States & Win by Replicating that State at Will

Think Like a Winner

Adopt Time Management Strategies that Enable You To Spend More Time Doing the Things You Love

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Solutions to Increase Awareness and Remove Negative Beliefs


Execution and Proliferation of Strategy 

Increase your Bottom Line- Greater Profits 

Gain Awareness of Blind Spots & find best possible Solutions

Become Comfortable with Change Implementing Performance & Learning Cultures

Conflict Management

Learn how your Leadership style affects others 

Resolve conflict among department and team members

Develop Structure and Culture that Minimizes Conflict

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Solutions


Cross Cultural


Understanding Business Interaction & Learn How to Optimise it

Implement Cultural Dimensions Analysis 

Emotional Intelligence - Better Ability to Communicate & Understand reasons for Specific Behaviour

Learn what Leadership looks like in Different Cultures & What aspects Span Globally

Implement L&D Solutions




Learn Financial Tips from the Top 1% of International Investors

Financial Planning

Master Money and Investor Psychology

Eradicate Negative Beliefs on Money

Reprogram Your Money Blueprint for Abundance







 When we get the environment right humans will do remarkable things 

Simon Sinek



We as a society count on you Leaders and High achievers to perform at your highest. According to Gallup, only 31.5% (USA) or 13% (Worldwide) of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. This means that the overwhelming majority of people are not even close to working at their true potential. Over time, most companies have shifted to and maintained strategies based on cost cutting to undercut competition. However, as is evidenced by the new age Tech giants(and world's most valuable companies), innovation and continous improvement is critical to corporate greatness. People create innovation! We must leverage our people and their talent.  It is up to Leaders to first look at themselves and continually identify and address their own Leadership gaps in order to foster and sustain an organisation in today's competitive environment. So whether you are a CEO or Startup Founder, I can help you move through these Leadership and Business Gaps and obtain the highest performance for yourself, your team, your organisation, and your stakeholders."- Zubin J Mirchandani

Zubin J Mirchandani has Coached, Trained, and Transformed the lives of Hundreds of the Highest Performing Leaders and High-Potentials. He works with CEO and C-suite Officers, Goldman Sachs Directors, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Bollywood Actors, Chartered Accountants, Startup Founders, Thought and Innovation Leaders. 

He has worked for more than 10 years with High Performers across 7 countries.

His perceptive, cross-cultural communication style builds trust & affinity with all stakeholders. Zubin uses strong relationship building & communication to readily establish affinity with people from all backgrounds & organizational levels. 

Zubin is the Author of the soon to be released Leadership book on Emotional Intelligence- 'Leaders and Emotions: The Perfect Formula'. He has trained with the foremost schools: CTI(Coaching Training Institute, USA)  and as well the ICA(International Coach Academy, Australia), Center for Executive Coaching(USA), Arfeen Khan(Peak Performance Training, London), and Bodhih(Training, India). The holds an International MBA from Schulich School of Business(Economist, 10th Best MBA Worldwide). He is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School's Institute of Coaching, and the International Coach Federation.


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Making Great People Greater!

 Experience Performance altering behavioral change.


Alrick Pagnon

Partnership Manager at Creative Innovation Global & Creative Universe 

University of Strathclyde- Australia

     "It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Zubin. I have worked with Zubin for 2 years and every time I'm amazed by his wisdom, vision, kindness and ability to help others. Zubin is an incredible change maker and will definitely impact and change your understanding of the world if you are lucky enough to cross his path. Zubin has tremendous leadership skills and helped me to make better informed decisions on many occasions, among many other things. I'm extremely glad to have Zubin in my corner and even more so to be able to tap into his skills, knowledge and expertise on a regular basis. "


     "After the session, I felt as if in a state of bliss as if I could handle anything the world could throw at me. Thank you coach Zubin!

After 4 months of continuos sessions, Aditya wrote - "4 months later, having put into practice many of what we discussed, I feel like a new person. I feel in control and I feel happy."

Aditya Shankar

Associate Goldman Sachs 

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, IIT

Nick Hamilton

Marketing Director at Reality Tours and Travel

HEC Paris (MBA), Trinity  College- Hartford

     "We had the pleasure of welcoming Zubin to our office to work with our tour guides. He provided 18 thirty minute one-on-one sessions for each of our guides over two days. Zubin was able to seamlessly adapt his coaching to work with clients from very different backgrounds from his usual ones. Before starting the session, he took extensive time to learn as much about the organization, the guides’ role, experience and background and this no doubt contributed to the effectiveness and efficiency of the sessions. The coaching was met with universal approval and enthusiasm from our guides and management and I’m confident that the ideas and seeds that were planted will have a powerful impact in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Zubin and look forward to working with him again in the future."


     "I've been working with Zubin as an executive coach for quite some time now. Zubin's genuine approach coupled with his deep knowledge and easy to follow strategies continue to produce excellent results for me both professionally and personally. I find that Zubin has an innate ability to dissect complicated problems and break them down into manageable tasks that allow you to work through and overcome issues that under most circumstances would be considered insurmountable. "


Robert Kurlender

Managing Principal  at Perceptive Capital

HEC Paris (MBA), McGill University

     "Zubin has been a great help for me boosting my confidence level and ultimately in finding my next step in my career path. He encouraged me to take the initiative and approach the CEO himself for a position. Zubin was sure that, given my skillset, my company would still somewhere want to retain me, and he was right. A few months later, I am working in the highest office of my company supporting my CEO, and I never would have had the confidence or known how to approach him had he not advised me. I am incredibly grateful to Zubin for his coaching." 




Danielle Fiorino

Deputy Manager, Office of the Chairman and MD at Mahindra & Mahindra

University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School



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